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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Impact Man

The nerd in me (or am I am geek? I always forget!) loves a good documentary.
I had put the movie No Impact Man on hold at the library but I just couldn't wait anymore! I am quite sure that the hold will expire before I ever get a copy.
"In November 2006, author Colin Beaven announces his No Impact Project. He vows to unsettle his complacent liberal consumerism and, along with his family, to make no environmental impact from their Manhattan home for one year. While two-year-old Isabella is content among the compost worms, mother Michelle endures withdrawal from coffee and shopping, and Colin suffers heavy criticism from friends and the media. Humorous and insightful, No Impact Man discovers the strength of a family living off the grid, and the quiet truths that reveal themselves when the lights go out."

When I first saw this movie I thought it would just be a good watch - I mean your preaching to choir here.  Just the same as Supersize Me - I already wasn't a fan of McDonald's but that movie was the starting point (so many years ago, now) of my making a real connection to what I eat and most importantly what I feed my children. 

I thought I was doing good when our recycling bins are overflowing every week but I want to take it a step further - avoid all that packaging in the first place!

As I type this, I have happy to say that we only need to put out one bin for paper and one for containers.  I buy milk that comes in glass bottles so I can return the bottles for the dairy to use again.  I was thinking about learning how to make my own yogurt, so we could avoid the plastic containers but I'm not ready for that yet. ;) On a side note, I am going to try making butter and cheese soon!  Not sure if I will have an cost savings but we will see.

I have been scouring the web trying to come up with ways to reuse those margarine and yogurt tubs but I only have so many craft supplies to store!  Do you have any ideas?

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