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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday School Resources

I wanted to share a quick post with the resources I tend to use when coming up with out lesson plans.

  • I created a template in a word processor so I can easily add each weeks info.

  •  Our take home sheet was created in Photoshop but I made a JPG version so you can edit it in your favourite word processor.  Simply "insert" the JPG in the document and change the properties of the photo so you can type behind and the text will show through.  When I am planning my lessons, I find two activities for that topic - one for the class and one to add to the take home sheet.  Then, I Google a colouring sheet and shrink it to fit the small space on the page.

  • Kididdles has lots of "kid friendly" worship songs.  I have added it to my Pinterest board so I never loose it!
  • Another great worship resource is Little Lambs Ministry. They have audio files for most of the songs.
  • Danielle's Place has both free and "member's only" activities.  I find the activities and craft easy to adapt to various age groups.
  • Kids Sunday School also has both free and "member's only" lessons.  I really like how the lessons are laid out - I can easily plug them into my template and we are good to go! I also like how the topics are organized - Even if the lesson isn't free, I can choose a theme (prayer, the book of Ruth, etc...) and the weekly topics are titled for me.
I hope these help your planning as much as they help me!


  1. I've taken your great idea for a handout template and changed it up a bit to suit the needs of our church. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and helping me put on paper what I was having trouble sorting out in my head!