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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's is Eating Your Kid?

A friend told me about a book called What's is Eating Your Kid?.  She has a young one and wondered if some of her tantrums could be related to a food intolerance.  I started to think about Ginger.  We have been trying to "eat clean" food lately so artificial preservatives and refined sugars are getting the boot! Now I notice, when she has "those" foods, she is more prone to a tantrum. 

Then I read the overview and started to think about her small size, her picky eating habits, her ear infections (which seem to have stopped but were out of control until she was 3).  I can't wait to start this book.  Even if it doesn't apply to my child, I think it will be a good read -  I just hope I can finish it before I have to return it to the library!

What’s Eating Your Child? is about the connections between common ailments such as chronic ear infections, reflux, tummy aches, picky eating, poor growth, mood and behavior problems and your child’s diet. Most people agree that a good diet is important but few know how to decipher the effect food has on their health. What’s Eating Your Child? will help parents, medical professionals, teachers and caretakers identify possible dietary links and address the problem.
There are many informative nutrition books around but I noticed that many of them were boring. I was determined to write a book that was not only useful but also entertaining. The most fascinating part about being a nutrition detective is the real life situations I deal with daily. For that reason, the book revolves around true stories of families struggling with common health problems. I share their stories, how we figured out the solution, if their solution would help your child and how to apply it.

I wonder if the book will mention anything about what vitamins or minereals
will help hair growth - because Lord knows, she needs it!
She wanted her bangs to be shorter... *sigh

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