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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Community Helpers {Preschool Printables}

Ginger is really into playing "Lady". This is her blanket term for any kind of community worker - librarian, cashier, etc, photographer...

I have been really slacking in the kindergarten prep department so I got to work!

Normally, I have a collection of awesome online resource that I can just click and print.  This time, I wanted to have some printable that was a mix of various community helpers.  I could find lots of firefighter stuff, lots of police officer stuff and lots of doctor stuff.  I wasn't interested in getting into too much detail so I started pulling bits and pieces from here and there. 

You know, it's funny that when I was working in the classroom full time, I had an hour a week to prep for the next week and it was plenty of time.  Now, only got a couple games and worksheets made up in 2 hours! Shameful! :)

I thought I would share the printables I have created.  I just print these off and add them to a duo tang binder - then she just pulls out the binder and works on pages as she pleases.  Later, I will post the activities and games we come up with.
This is my first attempt at Google Documents so I am not sure how this will go!




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