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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Can't Eat a Princess!

I honestly thought, Ginger wouldn't be interested in princesses! I have this crazy dislike for all things pink and I thought she wouldn't be influenced by the world of the princess... at least until she went to school. Boy, was I wrong.

 So, it's no surprise she asks for a princess book, EVERY time we go to the library.  I am not usually a fan of most of the princess themes- until we found this book:

You Can't Eat a Princess!
You Can't Eat a Princess

A princess in outer space! A princess rescuing the King!? Madness! and awesomeness - all rolled up in one ;)

Princess Spaghetti is getting ready for a party but the King is missing!  She finds a note, left by some aliens, that they have captured the King.  This mean Princess Spaghetti must ride the royal rocket (hmmmm sounds dirty!) and rescue the King.  Once she lands on the new planet, she discovers the aliens want to eat her and and the King!  But, she has a delicious alternative waiting at the palace...

Now I need to find the "perfectly piratey swashbuckling" version!

You Can't Scare a Princess!
You Can't Scare a Princess

Do you and your little reader enjoy reading the same books or do you have different tastes?

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