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Friday, March 16, 2012

Gingers are not to be trusted with scissors

So I have this theory that you have to give children a glass cup so they learn how to be gentle with it.  You have to let children use scissors so they learn how to be safe with them.

This child is testing ALL my theories!

Last December, Ginger cut her hair.  How, you ask?

Sometime in the fall, she decided that she didn't want me to cut her bangs anymore. She wanted them to "grow long like the rest of her hair".  Sure, no problem.
Then just as they are almost long enough to tuck behind her ear, she has had enough, she wants me to cut her bangs.  Sure, no problem.
After her bath, I set her up and trim her bangs.  I remind her (as with every hair cut) that only adults cut hair. "Okay Mommy, no problem"
That night was rough, Red woke up three times. Ginger woke up twice.  The kids slept in so I took advantage.  9:30 rolls around and Red wakes up screaming.  I roll out of bed and Ginger is standing at the foot at my bed, staring at me! I rub my eyes and ask "What are you doing?". He response is "What, Mommy?"  And then I see her hair... or should I say lack thereof...

I didn't want to spaz on her so I sent her downstairs. Now she is crying and Red is still crying.  As soon as I open Red's bedroom door, I can smell the vomit.  That's why he was crying all night!  After bathing him I go back into my room and see the puddle of hair at the foot of my bed.  An indication that she stood at the foot of my bed, with a pair of scissor and cut her hair while staring at me!

After a looooong conversation about what scissors are used for... blah, blah, blah it was decided that she couldn't have any scissors until her hair grows back!

Last month, her scissor privileges were returned.

Last night, Ginger walks up to me and stares at me.  You know, the "I did something I'm not supposed to and I am sure you can plainly see that, but I don't want to tell you" look.

I see red smear all over he hands and shirt. "Is it marker?" "No." "Is it make-up?" "No." "Is it nail polish?" "No. It just keep coming out of my finger."


She had found my rotary cutter (which was at the back of my desk, in the pencil holder, behind the lamp!) and sliced her finger. Then as her thumb kept bleeding, she would wipe it on herself. Come on!  So I put them on a decorative shelf that I can hardly reach.  But the more  I think about it the more I realize that there is only so much you can do.

I remember learning how to climb into my kitchen counter, with out a stool or chair, so I could get at things that I wasn't supposed to touch.  Ginger is so much like me; she will figure this out too.  That's not to say that I will leave things laying around but now I am worried about the knives that are on the magnetic knife rack, behind the kitchen faucet.  If she is determined to slice her arm off I feel like she will find a way! Ack!!  I wonder if I can google "what to do when your child keeps finding your hidden sharp things"?

Hang on, I am going to to try that...
... okay, I found this: Keeping Kids Safe  ... practical advice, just not what I need! LOL

Well, in other news:
How do I remove blood stains from a cotton t-shirt?

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  1. This one is easy: hydrogen peroxide! Just normal hydrogen peroxide. Take it and pour it on the spot and blot off. You'll probably want to rinse the shirt in cold water, afterward, before tossing in the laundry.

    This is a trick I learned a couple years ago from midwives when I arrived seconds after my doula client delivered (primary midwife arrived in just enough time to catch, the secondary was hustling up the driveway after me). There was nothing much for me to do at that time except help tidy up and change linens, etc. Mom had dripped some blood on her pure white shag carpet. The midwife tossed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at me and recommended the pour and blot method. The blood disappeared as if by magic! One of the best tricks I've ever used and endlessly useful for monthly messes or home birth drips and drops :)

    Poor inquisitive girl!

    I once cut my sister's eyelashes off and adjusted her bangs, too. I also climbed on to the counter, fetched a 5lb bag of flour and proceeded to make simple glue on the kitchen table. Unfortunately, I kept getting the proportions wrong: a little too much water, add more flour, too much flour, add more water, not enough water, add even more water, now to much water again, add more flour, ad nauseum until there was flour and water and good covering pretty much every inch of the kitchen. :) My poor mother!