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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kidney beans are exciting again!

This is the first time I will be observing Lent.  The only reason I haven't in the past, is because I felt I didn't really understand the whole point.  This year something clicked.  It's more than just giving up something for 40 days.  It's about giving up that thing to remind you to give back - to make a sacrifice like our Lord did.

I decided Tim Horton's was getting the boot and any money I would have spent there will go back to the church.  I feel really good about it!  Until I realize I had to explain this to Ginger.  The kids go along with all my crazy food restrictions and detoxes so this would be no different.  She was so confused why we weren't having Timmy's.  She even asked if we weren't aloud to have sugar, again.  I probably should have just said yes, but I tried to make this a teachable moment.  I kinda failed. She was more confused than ever.

Pinterest and Google to the rescue!

I came across a post from Montessori Candy about the "sacrifice jar".  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Every time you sacrifice something, for someone else, you add a bean to the jar.  At Easter, all the beans turn to jelly beans!  I tried my best to explain what the word sacrifice means.  I tried to explain it in terms she would understand.  "Remember when Daddy is late for work and we drive him instead playing?  That's a sacrifice".  "Remember when Red really wanted some of your milk this morning and you let him have a sip before you had a sip? That's a sacrifice."

This is a visual reminder that all your small sacrifices can add up to something wonderful.  And it also gives a purpose or meaning to Easter that little minds can understand.
"Why do we get candy and chocolate at Easter?"  To be  honest, I have always wondered the same... even when I was little. 
We will do one jar for the whole family - I don't want it to become a competition (and Red can't exactly participate). 
The storage jar in the cupboard

We just started today and she is SO excited! Every time she shares a toy or give Red a hug she comes running over to ask if she can add a bean to the jar.  At this point she thinks every positive action/behavior gets a bean and I am going to go with it.  The more we talk about it I think she will learn the true meaning of sacrifice...

Adding a bean

...and maybe she will cry a less when I tell her no Tim Horton's!

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