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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning How to Rest {Weekend Reading}

Even when I don't have a busy weekend, I still feel like I don't know how to rest.
All the other members of my family are napping and I just finished mopping the floors!
How do you take necessary time for yourself? How do you turn it all off?
I found it easier to rest when I was working out of the house full time.  I worked 9 hour shifts, I did a couple chores when I got home and then it was time to rest.  But, keeping the house clean and hanging out with the kids is my job.  Well, that and planning birthday parties, editing photos, and sewing children's accessories ;)  I've tried not to clean the house one day a week but then we can't do anything because I can't get at anything...  I've tried not planning an activity but the kids get restless...

Maybe if things were more organized around here I would feel less guilty about resting...

Kat Lee at Simple Mom recently wrote an article about finding a mentor.  Maybe that's what I need...

For now, I will read...

Now, go get some rest!

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