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Thursday, March 8, 2012

When babies turn into 3 year olds...


It's 11pm.
It's dark outside but the moon is full and bright. So bright, I can see the clouds drifting across the night sky.
The only noise I hear is Adam laughing as he plays XBOX.
Red is fast asleep.

I hear a thud. Ginger fell out of bed. A minute later, little footsteps tell me I am about to have a visitor.
When I ask her what happened, she responds with a shrug and says "I just love you."
How can I send her back to bed? Besides, I am in desperate need of some snuggle time.
As we lay in bed, I stare at the moon and cry.
Who is this 3 year old? She was 2 only a few months ago! She was learning to walk only last summer! Well, maybe it has been a little longer than that...
That thought only reminds me how quickly Red is growing.

I wanted a snuggle. I didn't feel like crying - maybe it's good for me...maybe not.
Now all I can think about is how much i want another baby. Would a third child satisfy my baby fetish? Probably not. Would I cry when that baby is 3. Most likely. I still want more babies though.

I can barely see the moon now, it is quickly moving through the sky. And Ginger has readjusted so she is laying on my face. No room for tears now! Time for sweet little redheads to go to bed.

The moon rises and sets. It follows it's path through the sky.
Life goes on.
Babies or no babies - I will suck up every moment I am blessed with.

I pray.
Help me focus on what I have instead of what I don't have.
Don't let me miss a single moment.

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